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Targets (Not 100% finished)

Targets is a shooting game in which the player has to shoot targets before they disappear. It is written in the Java programming language and took about 2 weeks to create. It uses Slick2d and LWJGL. The game is currently hosted on GameJolt and the quickest way to play is to choose the 'Quick Play' option. The game is very simple to play and the difficulty curve goes from being very easy to increasingly harder nicely. I currently have 2 game modes, Normal and Hardcore. 

In the Normal game mode the player starts with a maximum ammo of 5 and a maximum lives of 3. Every level has a certain amount of targets you must shoot before you can progress to the next. Between every level is a shop which you can buy new sights and upgrades to help you in the game. Furthermore, your health is reset back to it's maximum at the start of each new level.

In the Hardcore game mode, the player starts with a maximum of 10 ammo and 5 lives. The game does not have levels and is endless until you have lost all of your lives. The difficulty (speed of which the targets disappear) increases as the time increases until you reach a maximum difficulty.

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